About Me

A Short Look into My Situation

When people meet me and find out about my condition, they always say something along the lines of “wow, your so positive about your situation,” or “I can’t believe you are so good at dealing with it.” Yes, I’m humbled by these statements from others, but it hasn’t always been so easy for me. In…

Get To Know Me

Ive told myself for years that I would start a blog but always gave up on the idea. I told myself I could never be a successful blogger, that I couldn’t possibly reach anyone. Well I’ve decided I have nothing to lose. Sharing my story and life with others has always been a dream of…

Life Events

My Vision Could Be The Death Of Me

Before I start, I should clarify something. Despite the title of this post, I can’t say for sure that my eyesight is the reason for this event. It could have easily been my lack of attention as a child, too. Either way, this story is a good one to tell for two reasons. One, it…

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